Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's July

But I am hoping that's not news

For me it means I am knee deep in summer training, 81 days to be exact. Its been a challenging summer so far. I started this year under a new coach's training plan. Hans and Joan Skinstad took over the Augustana program last fall but a few of us stayed on other training plans to continue the direction from our summer training. Sadly, Dave, who was writing my plans decided to quit move to France and have a kid.... it wasn't me was it?

The Skinstad program is a lot of work and right now volume is the name of the game. Most weeks are above fifteen hours of training and for the first time in my life I am doing multiple 2.5-3 hour runs in a week. This is supplemented by a power lifting style strength program that lately has been affectionately termed "the incredible hulk program". Needless to say, I'm tired.

I mentioned this to a coach/friend who asked, "are you supposed to be tired right now?" and the answer is definitely yes. Summer training is a challenge that's sometimes hard to explain. On one hand, I love summer training because we get to add in things like mountain biking, hikes and a lot of variety that doesn't exist in the winter. Also, in some ways the stress is off because its months before you will see on snow racing. But summer training is always a lot of volume and its said that a racers season can be made or broken in this period of training. No base, no victory. Feeling motivated to keep pushing yourself when the race season is so far away can be hard and you have to follow your program with the faith that it will pay off come winter time.

Despite the tired, I am really enjoying my summer training. Currently, I am splitting my time between Calgary and Canmore. I've been making a new friend doing some road rides and I live with one of my best friends are her crazy puppy (who is possibly the best training partner ever!) The strength program does make me feel like Incredible Hulk some days but every time I set foot in the gym I am setting personal bests, so something is working. I feel stronger this summer than ever before and I am excited to see what happens later in the year. I am enjoying a low week this week to catch my breath before what I am sure is a flurry of intensity work coming my way.

MTB ride with the Nukka (puppy) who gets mad if I go to slow

July means it's been awhile since I've been home north and I've been away from my team mates for awhile. My older sister, who I am closer to than anyone is in Africa working for the Lesotho Olympic Committee for a year. I am excited for this sweet opportunity for her but I miss her terribly and am shaking my fist at the eight hour time change. I am visiting with my parents and other siblings in Edmonton this weekend and couldn't be more excited!

Ella and I at Christmas before she started travelling

July also means that my contract with Foothills Biathlon is coming to an end. Since May I have been the assistant coach with their biathlon program. This is my second year with them and it's possibly the best job I have ever had. "My kids" are aged 13-20+ and I have a blast working with them almost every day they tease me badly if I fall behind and are all absolutely hilarious and passionate about training. When you work with people who enjoy training its pretty easy to enjoy it yourself.

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yes, it's all your fault that I left. You also caused me to gain 20lbs.