Sunday, January 2, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

For the last two weeks I've been hanging out in my hometown Fort Smith, NT. It is pretty rare that I get home and even more rare that our race season and school let me stay home for this long. My trip home has been filled with tonnes of sleep, great skiing and naturally way too much of my Mom's cooking.

Rocking Some Training on Home Trails

I come from a family of four kids and two amazing parents that still back my sports and school as enthusiastically as they did when we were kids. As soon as I get off the plane, it's like I never left. My parents spoil me rotten and I spend way too much time goofing off with the siblings. My partner in crime/older sister Ella spent Christmas in Africa this year and it was tough to spend the holidays without her here to keep me on my toes. She called me at 6:30 Christmas morning just to make sure that she kept tradition and woke me up on Christmas.

My brother at his finest

My Mom and Dad are pretty cool and spoil me rotten when I am home. I think this is partially an effort to get me to come home more and also they always surprise me with the level of support they are ready to provide for biathlon. It's been a warmer Christmas than most but its still below -20 pretty much every day. My Dad is ready before I am to be behind the scope for me, groom trails in front of me when its snowing and always seems to pop up when it gets cold and dark, just to make sure I'm safe.

Poppa Bill Ready to Go Train

Me and Momma Phillys

I've got a weird diet that cuts out a lot of basic things such as wheat and milk. When I walk in the door my Mom has more gluten free food ready for me then I knew was possible. They ask me everyday how they can help now and long term. My parents are amazing.

Being home reminds me why I have such an infatuation with biathlon. It's cold, it's always dark and I spend way more time listening to my Ipod than ever before but this place is my home. It's where Don "the professor" True chased us around the trails and still comes out to give me a hand almost ten years later. It's where PK Hamilton taught me that you can work and love every minute of it (go Belarus!). But most importantly, when your trails look like this, its hard not to love my home, the north and my training.

Back south tomorrow and straight to Canmore for North American Cup # 3.

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Pepper said...

those pics of your home trails are sweet. It took a while, but I did finally spot the polar bear! Good shot!