Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting Started

Much overdue post but after missing half the semester of school I was basically locked into my books when I wasn’t racing.

Last season was a season of firsts. My first international tour, first North American cup win, first cross country ski nationals, first western's podium and first time I was able to start and finish every race. I feel like I raised the bar this year and set new personal bests and standards for myself to match this coming season. Turkey was amazing and the international experience has made me hungry for more tours in the future.

Despite being an amazing season it was a long year that saw more than 32 races and 50 weeks of training on top of a full time course load. By March I was mentally and physically ready for a break. Alberta saw a record snow year and we returned home from nationals to lots of skiable snow. I however, was having none of it and opted for some much needed rest and homework time.April was as busy as the race season, finishing up school and presentations, moving out of "the biathlon house" to Calgary and being a superstar in finals. April also held our annual athletic awards at Augustana. My partner in crime Kathryn Stone cleaned up as Athlete of the year, award of merit and honored as a biathlete, cross country skier and cross country runner.

As April turned to May it was time to get training again.

I wanted to start the training year out slow, and what better way to do it then to head back to the Northwest Territories for the first week of May. I love Fort Smith in the spring and with some Mom's home cooking and brand new paved roads for rollerskiing it was a great start to the year.

After some quality time at home it was back to Calgary to set up shop for the summer. I'm back working with my foothills crew and along with my returning crew have an amazing new group of kids that I'm excited to work with.

Summer training has started out strong, living with a triathlete who is a great runner has been a definite plus and with the usual loss of all my team mates for the summer he and our puppy have been great motivators. I am finishing up my first block and am excited for period 2 which usually holds some long runs/rides and skis. As well, a new rifle stock is in the process of being made.
I owe a massive summary from the season, since pictures are worth a thousand words here are a few!

Time to get rollerskiing again

Me and Kat Stone styling our training bibs in Turkey

Opening Ceremonies

Rocking some prone during the Sprint in Turkey

Starting the sprint at World University Games

Wooooo Turkey

Cross Country Ski Nationals Team Sprint, getting tagged by the amazing Kalli Green. Congrats to Kat Stone and Lauren Brookes who took 2nd!

Making friends in Turkey

Now that things are back in season, stay tuned for weekly updates!

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