Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Keeping it Fresh in the Fall

The snow has fallen and its getting chilly out. It's that time of year when there is not enough snow to ski but we're close enough to winter that you are giving your roller skis dirty looks. Despite the snow, I am still rollerskiing constantly. My knees finally started arguing over all the running so until the snow comes I am doing the ice dance on my two wheels.

October is a very restless time of year. September is marked by trials and the start of school, November is marked by snow camp and winter and entering into race season. October is that awkward middle that makes training feel like a scene out of the movie Groundhog Day.

Being restless in my training enemy. When I am restless I find it hard to get things done in school, my shooting is less quality and I'm not always making the gains I want. Normally to kick this I do ACAC running races but since my knees are benching me from running, no dice.

My keep it fresh solution is cyclocross, which is quickly becoming the highlight of my fall. I have always been a huge fan of cycling but cross, which is a fall sport, has never seemed logical to add into my plan. I did a race last month, just to get some race experience when I couldn't run and I was instantly addicted.

Heading into "the agitator" at provincials

Don't know what cyclocross is? Check this out In Europe this sport is huge, they shut down entire towns for big races and fans come from everywhere to watch. A friend of mine went to the World Championships a couple years ago, and from her explanation, it's basically like the super bowl, inclusive with the drunken fans. Despite the seriousness of the sport I have a funny feeling it started as a competition between two really bored cyclists in the off season who decided to go mountain biking with their road bike.

Rocking out the sandpit!

I'm planning to hit one more this weekend before their season wraps up. I am getting my butt kicked for sure, but thats kind of part of the fun!

Happy Halloween!

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