Wednesday, October 13, 2010

World University Games!

Hello all my wonderful supporters!

Two years ago I tried out for World University Games in Harbin, China. Three of my team mates made it, I didn't. After missing out I promised myself I wouldn't miss out two years down the road. After tonnes of hard work, and a speedy North American Champs victory, I have been preselected to compete for Team Canada at World University Games in Turkey this January!!

I couldn't be more excited to rep the red and white on the big scene. However, the big leagues come at an entirely self funded price, ouch! Despite my mad skills at coaching, great university GPA and some amazing support from my family, school and territory the $4200 tour fee is show stopping. Needless to say, I need to some help to keep training and racing.

(Photo Credit Amarat Sandhu, Me rocking out North American Championships)

Want to help me get to Turkey and keep rocking out on my skis?

It's easy. Just click on the Donation button on the top right side of my blogsite. If you don't already have a free paypal account, its super easy to sign up. You should have one anyway to buy sweet Betsy stuff on ebay, when I make it big. Any support is greatly appreciated. You can look forward to blog updates (I promise), and photos all along the way. I have set the goal to break the top half, which to my knowledge has not been down by a Canadian woman. If you can't donate, then be my cheering squad! Training is tough and messages of support along the way does a lot to make the process easier. Contact me anytime at

(Photo Credit Mike Neary, Having some Fun on the Haig Glacier)

Thank you so much for all the support , keep on rocking!


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Vickie said...

Had some spare funds in the dusty Paypal account! Good luck, Betsy!! Keep us updated and you can count on a bit of shameless soliciting on my part. ~Vic